Mature Skin Care – 10 Simple Steps to a Complexion to Be Proud of At 60

Any woman can have a lovely complexion at any age. You can’t buy it, it’s not free but you can find out how to have a perfect skin too. 10 simple steps to getting a complexion that other women would die for. For these 10 simple steps you need only 10 minutes per day. What’s important is every day, or do you think that lovely celebrities skip the night cream when its late!

Learn how to put your skin in the best light. Diminish, reduce or get rid of imperfections. Improve, pamper and protect. It’s not about how much you spend but what you know about mature skin care, anti aging products and using them to achieve a complexion to be proud of. Here’s how…

Deep Cleanse

To remove impurities and dead cells deep cleanse every night. Skin is in repair mode at night and night cream works better on skin without debris. Cleanse in the morning again with a gentle, calming cleanser to prepare skin for make up. Never, never leave your make up on overnight. Think, it could age you one week every time. Cured?


Encourage fresh new skin by exfoliating regularly. Even dry skin will benefit from gentle exfoliating once per week. Skin prone to enlarged pores around mouth and nose will need gently exfoliating 2 or even 3 times per week. Deeply cleansed pores gradually become finer and less noticeable, make up looks smoother. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Show Your Skin some Gratitude

Treat your skin to a 15 minute relaxing, rejuvenating mask once per week. It’s better if you relax but watching your favorite programme is better than dropping the treatment. A calming mask works wonders for flushed sensitive skin reducing redness and irritation. The results get better every time. To really work on enlarged pores choose a deep cleansing mask and use only on the areas around the nose and mouth. You will soon notice that your make up doesn’t settle in the pores like it used to. This kind of mask really works if you use it often enough.


Nourish your skin with anti aging day and night creams or serums for mature skin. These are packed full with anti oxidants, vitamins and ingredients that nudge the collagen production and skin cell renewal into action. The appearance of skin can be improved tremendously by cleansing, exfoliating and then nourishing. When skin cells are fresh, hydrated and invigorated they look firm and supple. Simple isn’t it?


Protect your skin especially in winter. When it’s cold we always wear gloves to stop our hands getting chapped, red, and rough. What about the skin on our face? Never go out without least a protective layer of moisturizer on your face. You can even consider make up as extra protection for the skin in cold weather. The elements deal harshly with mature skin. If you walk, ride or work outside a lot, choose a heavier cream to protect and avoid thickening of skin and redness.

Moisturize, Moisturize

Skin’s suppleness is the result of sufficient moisture inside and out. Try to drink 8 glasses of water per day. It is the least expensive anti aging treatment and good for the whole body too. Coffee and alcohol dehydrate. So try to drink a glass of water instead sometimes. Don’t underestimate how crucial this is to mature skin to keep it soft and supple. Use a good anti aging moisturizer in the morning and again during the day when you freshen your make up.

Learn to cheat the tiny lines and wrinkles

Sweep away tiny lines and wrinkles in seconds. This magic comes in a precision applicator to target wrinkles, filling and sealing in moments. It requires a little practice to get it just right and then it lasts all day. A must have for every mature woman. Stunning, simple and need not be expensive. How good does it get?


Weave some magic with under eye concealer even if you think you don’t have dark circles. A yellowy based concealer applied lightly under eyes, at the outer corners and inner corners at the side of the nose brightens the whole face. With the right colours and techniques it is possible to successfully cover even the darkest of shadows. Try it and you will be amazed.

Foundation make up

Your very best friend is the right foundation make up, when you find it. Foundation make up for mature skin is available in fluid, cream, mousse and compact forms. Fluid is fine for quick application but usually doesn’t offer the coverage that we need. A cream or mousse will cover redness and last longer. Mousse is wonderful because it disguises enlarged pores and tiny wrinkles. It needs a little practice to get right but is worth every moment invested.

Lipstick and Blusher

Youthful sparkle comes from clever choice of lipstick and blusher. Dark lipstick is harsh and makes teeth look less than white. Go for softer pinks with a creamy, moisturized texture. Use a lip brush to trace very slightly outside the natural lip line and add a dab of gloss in the centre of the bottom lip. Then smile and whisk blusher high over your cheeks… perfect.

Your skin will respond with the dewy glow you thought was gone forever. All you have to do is make these steps part of your daily regime like cleaning your teeth.

Stay on the project, be aware of new tips and techniques that could solve your problem. New ideas fit into a ten minute routine in no time! And lastly, paying attention to a balanced diet and a little exercise too, means living our lives longer and lovelier!

Simple Skin Care Ideas for a Youthful Glow

Until you find the Fountain of Youth the fables talk about you’re going to need to count on a few simple skin care suggestions to keep your skin youthful and glowing. Obviously getting time to stand still would make all the difference in the world. Too bad that won’t happen. The truth is that there are things we can do that can slow warning signs of time and prevent them from telling the entire world the truth about our experience. These ideas are certain to reverse the hands of time for quite a while to come.

Avoid the Ravages of the Sun

Direct sunlight is tough on skin. There is no way to argue this. The sun is the most common reason for skin aging there is. It’s going to call for a little more effort than avoiding continuous sun exposure. Wearing a proper amount of sunscreen on all exposed skin: face, legs, hands, arms, neck, and chest, is another vital step.

Make sure to wear hats with wide brims, tees with long sleeves, and long pants or skirts anytime you’re outside also. There are numerous garments that are designed to be light and breathable enough to be comfortable in the sun but heavy enough to provide protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

Bear in mind that you can protect your skin from the inside out if you eat foods that are antioxidant-rich. When you have a diet that is well-rounded and includes a daily infusion of antioxidants your body is better prepared to deal with many signs of aging — especially those resulting from the sun.

You could add more protection for your skin by incorporating natural oils into your daily routine. Argan oil has benefical nutrients than can restore your skin as well as protecting it. Mix organic Argan oil with a sun block lotion to achieve the most protection for the skin.

Basic Skin Care Hints — The Importance of Timing

Truth be told, properly timing your skin care regime will have a huge impact on its effectiveness. Bear in mind that moisturizing your face immediately after you’ve washed it is really important. Moisturizers, even the best among them, do not create water. Their job is to lock already present moisture within the skin. When your skin is already hydrated, these products are better able to perform thoroughly. Bear in mind that this goes well outside facial moisturizers and should be remembered for all moisturization activities.

You should always tend to certain key skin care issues immediately before you go to bed for the evening. Cleaning your face prior to turning in for the night is one of the most important steps in the process. This gets rid of dirt, debris, and other things that could clog up pores and lead to a wide range of skin care problems. Each night while you rest, your skin is actively working to repair itself. Make sure you develop and keep an evening time regime for skin care that is sustainable and effective. If you do this, your best face will be facing forward in the morning.

If you’re serious about caring for your skin then these easy skin care tips are sure to get you off to an excellent start.

Cucumber Skin Care – A Simple Way to Get Beautiful Skin

A cucumber is a trendy salad of all ages, belonging to the some family as pumpkin, mask melon and other types of squashes. It is native to Southeast Asia where it grows wild, particularly India where it grows in a number of genetic varieties.

There are records of cucumber cultivation in different parts of world for centuries. Earlier tourists spread this veggie to rest of Asia, Europe and Africa consequently and later on to New world of Americas. man became aware with the health benefits of cucumber at very early ages. It was particularly popular among ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilization for it’s soothing and refreshing properties.

Cucumber has a dark green skin although it may vary in color from pale yellow to white with a light greenish flesh that containing scores of edible fleshy seeds vary according to their variety.

The flash of cucumber is mainly water, almost 95% yet it contains traces of some useful nutrient, including vitamin C, potassium silicon and sulfur. It is this unique consistency of cucumber that gives a cool refreshing feeling when applied externally on the skin.

  • Puffy eyes: The high water content in cucumber makes it colder our skin. This helps of reduce swelling and puffiness in the same way as cold compresses.
  • Sun burns: In case of sun burns. Topical application of cucumber gives a cool and calm effect. It’s repeated use helps to heal the lesion for this purpose. Usually chilled cucumber slices are more effective.
  • Hair Loss: Silicon and sulphur present in cucumber are known to stop hair loss. These also promote new hair growth when taken orally for a long time.

For this purpose cucumber juice is usually recommended.

Cosmetic use:

  • Cucumber is a great way to naturally hydrate your skin both internally and externally. Besides, hydration cucumber also promote glowing skin through silica and ascorbic acid-important constituents of cucumber.
  • Silica helps to maintain skin tone by strengthening connective tissue. It also gives you a radiant complexion with youthful skin.
  • Further more, it promotes hair elasticity, luster and elasticity.
  • Ascorbic acid or vitamin C another of important element, is well known for anti aging and skin whitening properties. Thus regular use of cucumbers give you more healthy, younger looking skin with a radiant complexion and beautiful lustrous hair.
  • For promoting beautiful skin and hair, cucumber is not only taken orally but also applied topically to enhance it’s beneficial effects. This can be done either by placing grated cucumber or cucumber slices over face or by make useful homemade face masks.