Acne Treatments For Adults Skin Care – Cure The Problem Within To Get Rid Of Acne

The best acne treatments for adults skin care are the one’s that can target the real problems inside your body. The acne industry has us convinced that we have to pile a ton of chemicals on our skin in a vain effort to curb the bacteria problem. Then we need to pile on even more moisturizer because their products dry out our skin.

What they don’t tell you is that by drying your skin out with their products, you’re stripping it of essential and vital oils that keep your skin healthy and protect it. By doing this, you actually cause even more breakouts because your body will make even more oil to make up for the lack of it, and more dead skin will be produced that will clog your pores.

Even worse is they don’t tell you those external problems are caused by other problems within the body. For example, hormones such as insulin and androgens have a direct link to your breakouts. When there is too many of these hormones present in your blood stream, they cause your skin cells to make to much oil. On top of this, they cause your skin to age prematurely; it dies off faster than it should leading to more breakouts.

These hormones occur naturally in our bodies and regulate things like blood sugar levels and well as provide energy for the body. The problem stems from the fact that our diets cause wild swings in our hormonal levels. Our typical western diets of our lead to progressively wilder and wilder swings, which overwhelm the system and prevent it from flushing everything out in a timely manner.

So why are typical acne treatments for adults and skin care products focused on our skin? Because it’s a booming industry; it really is as simple as that. A cured customer never comes back and can’t be enrolled in an auto-renewal program. But since we now know better, we can take the proper steps to treating our skin from within.

For instance, drinking plenty of water is of vital importance. Water helps hydrate our skin as well as helps flush out the build up in our blood stream. Carry a bottle of water around with you throughout the day and you’ll be surprised at how thirsty you actually are. Also, avoid processed foods as much as possible while eating only whole, natural items. This helps keep down the wild insulin swings and will make you healthier on a whole. Another simple tip is to avoid dairy like the plague; dairy has insulin like growth factor which only contributes to the acne problems within.

Acne treatments for adults skin care, if they are ever to work, must take care of and get rid of the problems inside your body. If you only focus on your skin, you are dooming yourself to a lifetime of acne.