4 Main Criteria When Choosing Baby Skin Care and Bath Products

Use These Important Criteria To Choose Baby Skin Care And Bath Products

As you might already know, baby skin is extremely delicate and sensitive. You need to choose baby skin care and bath products very carefully. Buying products with the wrong ingredients could result in skin irritation and allergies. You can use the following important criteria to choose baby skin care and bath products.

Food Grade Ingredients

It is very difficult to keep babies from swallowing stuff, especially during bath time. Therefore, it is extremely important for baby skin care products to be made purely from food grade ingredients. These ingredients are essentially edible, and are of a much higher quality and purity than cosmetic grade ingredients. Almost sixty percent of whatever is applied over the skin is absorbed by the body. This is another reason why baby products need to be made from highly pure food grade ingredients.

No Preservatives, Chemicals and Toxins

Baby products used over the skin should also be free of all preservatives, harsh chemicals and toxins. Since much of these compounds would be absorbed by the skin, it is extremely important for cosmetic products made exclusively for babies to be free of any kind of harmful compounds. When the products use food grade compounds, they would be perfectly safe for babies.


Most cosmetics found on supermarket shelves contain synthetic compounds that could be too harsh on soft baby skin. Babies need cosmetics made from purely organic sources. Products made from natural compounds instead of synthetic compounds are therefore very important for use on infants.


The more ingredients that are used in a product, the more the possibility of allergies that could be triggered in a particular individual. This is more so in the case of infants. As long as the number of compounds is kept to an absolute minimum, the chances of possible allergies are greatly reduced. Therefore, you need to choose cosmetics for infants that use just a handful of compounds.

These are some of the important criteria that you can use to choose the most ideal baby skin care and bath products. Ensure that the cosmetics that you choose are made from highly pure, food grade ingredients. They should be free of all kinds of preservatives, chemicals and toxins. As much as possible, organic compounds should be used and be kept to an absolute minimum. When baby care cosmetics are manufactured with such care, they would be ideally suited for the soft and sensitive skin of infants of all ages.