Cucumber Skin Care – A Simple Way to Get Beautiful Skin

A cucumber is a trendy salad of all ages, belonging to the some family as pumpkin, mask melon and other types of squashes. It is native to Southeast Asia where it grows wild, particularly India where it grows in a number of genetic varieties.

There are records of cucumber cultivation in different parts of world for centuries. Earlier tourists spread this veggie to rest of Asia, Europe and Africa consequently and later on to New world of Americas. man became aware with the health benefits of cucumber at very early ages. It was particularly popular among ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilization for it’s soothing and refreshing properties.

Cucumber has a dark green skin although it may vary in color from pale yellow to white with a light greenish flesh that containing scores of edible fleshy seeds vary according to their variety.

The flash of cucumber is mainly water, almost 95% yet it contains traces of some useful nutrient, including vitamin C, potassium silicon and sulfur. It is this unique consistency of cucumber that gives a cool refreshing feeling when applied externally on the skin.

  • Puffy eyes: The high water content in cucumber makes it colder our skin. This helps of reduce swelling and puffiness in the same way as cold compresses.
  • Sun burns: In case of sun burns. Topical application of cucumber gives a cool and calm effect. It’s repeated use helps to heal the lesion for this purpose. Usually chilled cucumber slices are more effective.
  • Hair Loss: Silicon and sulphur present in cucumber are known to stop hair loss. These also promote new hair growth when taken orally for a long time.

For this purpose cucumber juice is usually recommended.

Cosmetic use:

  • Cucumber is a great way to naturally hydrate your skin both internally and externally. Besides, hydration cucumber also promote glowing skin through silica and ascorbic acid-important constituents of cucumber.
  • Silica helps to maintain skin tone by strengthening connective tissue. It also gives you a radiant complexion with youthful skin.
  • Further more, it promotes hair elasticity, luster and elasticity.
  • Ascorbic acid or vitamin C another of important element, is well known for anti aging and skin whitening properties. Thus regular use of cucumbers give you more healthy, younger looking skin with a radiant complexion and beautiful lustrous hair.
  • For promoting beautiful skin and hair, cucumber is not only taken orally but also applied topically to enhance it’s beneficial effects. This can be done either by placing grated cucumber or cucumber slices over face or by make useful homemade face masks.